While less than two years old, MoRA has assumed the role of advocate for the Monroe Road area, an area that had been overlooked for some time. Charlotte’s growth, and the opportunities and challenges that come with this growth, make it essential that we have a seat at the table whether it is for transportation, roads, and the Silver Line, investments in our schools, public safety or proposed development and zoning issues.


Public art is one of the initiatives that MoRA has undertaken, bringing neighbors, students, businesses and churches together to create a public sculpture.  Our sculpture at the corner of Monroe Road and Conference Drive has just been completed and will be an icon for this area and symbol of the great things happening in MoRA.


The MoRA area is home to a variety of businesses, both large and small, established and newly formed.  Our task is helping these businesses to flourish and connect with our community and each other.


MoRA understands the power of communications and events that educate and galvanize community. Our events are varied and done in conjunction with area organizations, businesses, and often our schools.

Pushing forward with art, events, advocacy, and more

MoRA is a passionate group of residents and area stakeholders intent on shaping the rebirth of Monroe Road from Oakhurst to Matthews. While formed only two years ago, MoRA and its grass roots volunteers are changing both the landscape and perceptions of this area, working closely with the neighbors, schools, businesses and other organizations that are part of the Monroe Road area.

From public art and town halls to community workshops on transportation, MoRA is making an impact in this area – in our neighborhoods, our schools, and in our businesses. There is excitement building in the MoRA area, and this excitement is contagious.  We have much to do, and we encourage you to be a part of MoRA and this dramatic transformation.

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Latest News & Events

The 5 best places to eat on Monroe Road that CharlotteFive missed

Last week CharlotteFive wrote about their top five restaurants on Monroe Road. We love they gave our wide array of restaurants a little attention, but they missed some real gems! Then we put together five restaurants they missed, and realized these lists are tough....

The MoRA neighborhood unveils its version of Chicago’s ‘Bean’

CHARLOTTEFIVE.COM  | Even if you’ve never been to Chicago, you’ve seen touristy friends post social media selfies with Chicago’s public sculpture, “Cloud Gate,” more commonly known as “The Bean.” During a celebration at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, the Monroe Road Area neighborhood, or MoRA (“MoRA rhymes with “Laura”), is unveiling its own version of that kind of artistic, community focal point.

I tried all 4 chilis at Lupie’s. Here’s the deal.

CHARLOTTEAGENDA.COM | I think everyone knows about the chili at Lupie’s. It’s amazing and largely recognized as the top chili in our city. In case you didn’t know, Lupie’s is a Charlotte staple that’s been serving up delicious chili since 1987 (happy 30th, Lupie’s!). Founder Lupie Duran recently retired from the biz and passed the restaurant to her daughter, Larkin.

Wingstop bringing its spicy eats to Meridian Place

Wingstop, the rapidly expanding international “Wing Experts,” is coming to Meridian Place. The family-style fast-casual restaurant is set to open next year at the transformative, mixed-use development under construction on Monroe Road.

The 5 best things at the new Big Air Charlotte

You may not have seen the giant sign off of Independence, but Charlotte Big Air is just about to open in southeast Charlotte. The former Gold's gym on Sardis Road North has been revived in a trampoline park mixed with American Gladiators and American Ninja Warrior....

Help MoRA name the art sculpture on Monroe Road and Conference Drive

Construction has started on our site for our public art sculpture, and it is time for us to give it an official name. Art@thePoint has always been a placeholder name for the 16' mosaic sculpture to be installed this fall at Conference Dr and Monroe Rd. Now we need...

Improve safety with MoRA and Sustain Charlotte walking street tour

We know added traffic to Monroe Road is making our roads dangerous. Just this year we have seen fatalities to drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Last month, 71 year-old Barbara Dennis was killed while driving in front of Greylyn business park, due in part to...