Board Meetings

MoRA’S NEXT MONTHLY BOARD MEETING:   Our next board meeting is Tuesday, August 15 from 6 until 8pm at the Independence Regional Library, 6000 Conference Drive. If you’re planning to come as a guest, send a note to Rachel Moyer in case there are last-minute changes.


Are you interested in getting involved in MoRA? Here’s your guide!

MoRA board meetings are the third Tuesdays of the month, and they are open to all. Come and see what we’re doing and discussing, no commitment necessary.



We have 4 committees (work groups), and ask that new volunteers join one or more:

  • Arts, culture and education (John Lincoln, chair)
  • Government (James Scanlon and Jack Miller, co-chairs)
  • Business outreach, sponsorships and advertising (Richard Darlington, chair)
  • Communications (Matt Chambers, chair)

We’ll also put the word out when volunteers are needed for a specific event; you’ll want to watch our Facebook page for those.

Each January we have a Board Retreat, where we review our goals and decide where to refocus our energies.

MoRA asks that those interested in being on the board first volunteer at the committee level; engaged committee members are then eligible to serve on the board.

MoRA is a nonprofit organization with its 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.

We’d love to have you get involved! Here are the remaining board meetings for 2017:  August 15, September 18, October 17, November 21, and December 19.

Past meeting minutes:

MoRA minutes 12-20-16

MoRA minutes 11-16-16

MoRA minutes-10-19-16

MoRA minutes-9-21-16

MoRA minutes 8-16-16

MoRA minutes 7-19-16

MoRA minutes 6-21-16

MoRA minutes 5-17-16

MoRA minutes 4-19-16

MoRA minutes 03-15-16

MoRA minutes 2-16-16

MoRA 2016 board retreat notes