The 5 best things at the new Big Air Charlotte

You may not have seen the giant sign off of Independence, but Charlotte Big Air is just about to open in southeast Charlotte. The former Gold’s gym on Sardis Road North has been revived in a trampoline park mixed with American Gladiators and American Ninja Warrior. They call themselves a trampoline park, but it is so much more than that. Really, where was this when we were kids?
MoRA got a sneak peak during construction, and this place is simply awesome. It’s great for adults, and has specific sections for kids and toddlers. There are countless activities across the expansive site, including food, drinks, and an elevated section in the middle for adults to watch their kids. Jump tickets are $15 for the first hour, and $7 every hour after that.
Big Air Charlotte opens on Saturday the 19th, and I have never seen anything like it. Your childhood was missing something like this. You can finally try out your best moves or just bring your kids. There are too many activities to describe, but here’s our favorites that you should definitely try.

1. The American Gladiator-style jousting pit

Just like American Gladiators, you can grab a padded jousting stick and fight on a balance beam above a foam pit. Big Air Charlotte has two battle beams, two difficulties, right when you walk in.

2. The American Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle course

If you’ve watched American Ninja Warrior and thought you could make it through the obstacle course, you can try it for real.

3. The Rubix Tower

There are plenty of indoor climbing options at Charlotte Big Air, but the Rubix Tower is definitely our favorite.

Charlotte Big Air southeast Charlotte Rubix Cube Tower

4. Slam dunk basketball hoops

Not all of us were born with a great vertical, but you can still dunk on a basketball hoop thanks to some added help from trampolines.

5. The laser maze

The laser maze will bring out your inner spy as you navigate through a room full of lasers without breaking a beam. Big Air Charlotte tells us this is the biggest laser maze they have ever installed.

Help MoRA name the art sculpture on Monroe Road and Conference Drive

Construction has started on our site for our public art sculpture, and it is time for us to give it an official name.
Art@thePoint has always been a placeholder name for the 16′ mosaic sculpture to be installed this fall at Conference Dr and Monroe Rd. Now we need YOUR help to give it a permanent name!  Tell us what we should name the sculpture and why. Suggestions can be emailed to or posted directly to our Facebook page. Please include the reason you think this should be the name.
Get your suggestions in now!  A naming panel has been appointed to decide on final submissions using the following guiding principles:
  • A good name allows a story to be told around it
  • Simplicity will be valued
  • Uniqueness will be valued
  • Geographic, historical, or cultural significance to the area or city will be valued
  • The name should align with our community’s values
  • A good name will fit the character and/or characteristics of the sculpture

Improve safety with MoRA and Sustain Charlotte walking street tour

We know added traffic to Monroe Road is making our roads dangerous. Just this year we have seen fatalities to drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Last month, 71 year-old Barbara Dennis was killed while driving in front of Greylyn business park, due in part to someone driving 21 MPH over the speed limit.

There is simply too much speed, too many cars, too few stoplights, and inadequate pedestrian protection down Monroe. Anyone who has been up and down the corridor during rush hour can attest that simple improvements could make the area safer.

Different plans north and south of MoRA suggests traffic will increase significantly, with few improvements to our roads. Our volunteer group is determined to change that, and ensure that safety improves for all of our residents. We already have an overwhelming number of accidents in our area.


Your neighborhood deserves better, and you can help make it better starting this Friday, June 23rd at 5:30 pm.

MoRA is teaming up with Sustain Charlotte for a safety walking tour of Monroe Road. Meet us at McAlpine Creek Park, our starting spot before walking up to Sardis Road North looking for problem areas for drivers and pedestrians. This dangerous stretch covers the site of May’s fatal car accident in front of the Greylyn business park. We will cover the problem areas after the tour at either Custom Home Pubs or Mi Pueblo.

MoRA will use data from the safety walking tour to advocate improvements along Monroe Road. This is a great opportunity to support your community and stop preventable deaths on our roads.

New Art Tile-Making Workshops (Free!)

The Monroe Road Advocates have been working tirelessly for months to bring our biggest plan to life: a 16-foot tall sculpture that will define southeast Charlotte. We wanted to give neighbors a true sense of place that helps define where they live. For more information on the project, visit our art page.
Things were moving according to plan until the sudden passing of our friend and Art@thePoint’s creator and artist Leslie Scott. We plan to honor Leslie by bringing her last inspiration to life. Renowned Charlotte artist Lee Baumgarten will be seeing this project through to completion, but changes require more tile for the project.
Here’s your last chance to create tiles for the iconic Art@thePoint sculpture to be located at the “point” at Monroe Road and Conference Drive. Bring the whole family out to design, craft, and put your touch on tile that will go on the sculpture. This is a great, free project for all ages!
Tuesdays and Thursdays  June 6, 8, 13, 22, 27, 29  (6pm until 8pm)
Saturday, June 17  (12-2pm)

Sign up using the following link:
All workshops are held at Meridian Place, 6423 Monroe Road (between M Station and McDonald’s), on a first-come basis. Visit our Facebook events page for more updates, or to share which tile shop you are attending.
We are very close to our donation goal! One tax-deductible donation can make this sculpture a reality.

Will the Matthews superstreet make Monroe Road even more dangerous?

The Proposed Superstreet

If you have driven through Matthews recently, you have almost certainly seen signs against the proposed “superstreet.” Monroe Road extends past the MoRA area into downtown Matthews, the lanes cut in half, and the resulting John Street connects to 485. It is a guarantee you have been slowed down due to traffic.

There are plans to expand John Street into a superstreet, a setup that looks very similar to a highway. The group Preserve Matthews is concerned about the proposed changes, which they believe will needlessly increase traffic while ruining the small town feel of historic, downtown Matthews. If you haven’t been to downtown Matthews recently, you should check it out. You can walk between a bunch of great food destinations, tap rooms, bottle shops, and coffee roasters. They, of course, have a huge farmers market and there are frequently a bunch of festivals. I’m not sure what it will look like with a superstreet, but it may end up broken up like businesses on Independence.

Problems for Monroe Road

What’s most worrisome for MoRA residents is the potential increase in traffic brought about by the superstreet. NCDOT reportedly expects the superstreet to handle nearly 55,000 cars per day. Monroe Road already supports 40,000 vehicles per day, and increasing traffic up to 35% would cripple this residential connector. The city appears to think of Monroe Road as a mini Independence Boulevard that will accommodate overflow and passthrough traffic.

As a resident that uses Monroe Road every day I can already see the problems added traffic would create. Some sections have already proven dangerous. In just the last few months the street has seen a fatal car crash, both a pedestrian and cyclist killed by cars, and countless additional preventable accidents. This isn’t new. There were 393 total accidents along Monroe Road, Sardis Road North, Village Lake Drive, and North Sharon Amity in 2016. This resulted in 264 injuries and three deaths just on these few miles of Charlotte roads.


Monroe Road doesn’t need more traffic. It needs more traffic lights, better pedestrian crossings, and better turning lanes. The road should serve the community, not those passing through.

What You Can Do

The superstreet looks like the first step in turning the residential Monroe Road into a high-traffic throughway. Independence is only a mile away, and is clearly the best and fastest way to commute up and down the corridor. Why should surrounding streets serve the exact same purpose? If there’s traffic on Independence, cars will pour over to Monroe. The current traffic problems will only get worse, making it even more dangerous for residents to head to the store.

What can you do? Attend this public meeting on the John Street widening organized by Preserve Matthews. The more support they have, the better. Next, get your neighborhood in contact with MoRA as we look at ways to improve traffic, safety, and access along the corridor. Please fill out the following neighborhood survey if you want to help shape goals for Monroe Road.

The Neighborhood Bash is back with live music, food, and beer

The MoRA Neighborhood Bash is BACK and better than ever. This is definitely the top community event all year that you have to attend. Chat with your neighbors, take in some live music with your choice of drink, and enjoy some local foods.

It’s the best way to find out what’s happening in the area.



A lot has changed in southeast Charlotte since our last bash, and MoRA has even more plans for the future. Please join us on May 18th for this free neighborhood event, and bring the whole family (dogs included).

There will be food by Hawthorne’s Pizza and Common Market and local beers on tap. Live music promises some R&B, funk, pop, rock and a little reggae. There will be plenty of events and activities planned indoors and outdoors. Be sure to get there early.

Be sure to RSVP here and receive reminders about the bash. Want to get involved with MoRA but don’t know where to start? Email Dean Brodhag here and volunteer to help with the bash.

Free Wheelin’ Friday Bike Community Group Starts This Week

Whether it’s your first time biking to work, or you’re a regular bike commuter, there’s a new event getting started this coming Friday, May 12th, that’s just right for you. As part of Bike! Charlotte, the Free Wheelin’ Fridays bike commuter group is starting a new ride from a new spot – the brand spankin’ new Common Market at 4420 Monroe Road. The group will meet around 7 for FREE Common Market breakfast (brought to you by The Knight Foundation and Charlotte B-Cycle) and then head out around 8:15 to ride uptown.

We’re not saying you have to go to work but that’s the direction we’ll head anyway.

This is a great ride for beginners because:

(a) it’s pretty short (about 5 miles from Common Market to Center City),

(b) it’s a group ride, which is often more comfortable for new riders,

(c) our route will take mostly secondary or neighborhood roads, and mostly avoid busy or dangerous streets,

(d) we’re going to work, so we’re not in a hurry to get there, and we won’t leave anybody behind, and

(e) there will be some experienced bike commuters among the group who can help you with routefinding.

We hope to have a big group this Friday, and hope you’ll join us.