The 5 best things at the new Big Air Charlotte

You may not have seen the giant sign off of Independence, but Charlotte Big Air is just about to open in southeast Charlotte. The former Gold’s gym on Sardis Road North has been revived in a trampoline park mixed with American Gladiators and American Ninja Warrior. They call themselves a trampoline park, but it is so much more than that. Really, where was this when we were kids?
MoRA got a sneak peak during construction, and this place is simply awesome. It’s great for adults, and has specific sections for kids and toddlers. There are countless activities across the expansive site, including food, drinks, and an elevated section in the middle for adults to watch their kids. Jump tickets are $15 for the first hour, and $7 every hour after that.
Big Air Charlotte opens on Saturday the 19th, and I have never seen anything like it. Your childhood was missing something like this. You can finally try out your best moves or just bring your kids. There are too many activities to describe, but here’s our favorites that you should definitely try.

1. The American Gladiator-style jousting pit

Just like American Gladiators, you can grab a padded jousting stick and fight on a balance beam above a foam pit. Big Air Charlotte has two battle beams, two difficulties, right when you walk in.

2. The American Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle course

If you’ve watched American Ninja Warrior and thought you could make it through the obstacle course, you can try it for real.

3. The Rubix Tower

There are plenty of indoor climbing options at Charlotte Big Air, but the Rubix Tower is definitely our favorite.

Charlotte Big Air southeast Charlotte Rubix Cube Tower

4. Slam dunk basketball hoops

Not all of us were born with a great vertical, but you can still dunk on a basketball hoop thanks to some added help from trampolines.

5. The laser maze

The laser maze will bring out your inner spy as you navigate through a room full of lasers without breaking a beam. Big Air Charlotte tells us this is the biggest laser maze they have ever installed.

First look inside of Monroe Road’s Common Market Oakwold

We have been waiting impatiently for Common Market to open their new and nearby Oakwold location. Southeast Charlotte desperately needs a hangout place, and the quirky and colorful local market easily fills that need.

MoRA is excited.

We reached out to Common Market for info on their upcoming opening, and got a sneak peak at the new neighborhood hangout. They have made a lot of progress since we last saw it, and promise they are opening soon.

The cool custom exterior art is good to go! Common Market plans to have their grand opening in mid-May. If everything goes according to plan, they will start serving food next week, and serve beer and wine in two weeks.

The inside space looks inviting for early morning coffee and late night drinks.


The new bar will look out onto Monroe Road, and offer a slew of hard-to-find brews.


Finally, a place to get a great cup of coffee. Our only area options are McDonalds and chancing life and limb in the Cotswold parking lot for Starbucks.

You can really get the feel for Common Market from this covered outdoor patio. We can’t wait to try out the newest neighborhood hangout.