Catch up on local plans at the MoRA Government Open House Wednesday, October 25

MoRA is again hosting our Government Open House on Wednesday, October 25 at East Mecklenburg High School, from 5:30 to 7:30. There are countless projects and programs planned for our area in southeast Charlotte, and this is the only place to catch up on all the changes coming to your neighborhood.

We open up governmental and non-profits providing updates from 5:30 to 6:30, including:

  • Monroe Road Advocates
  • GIS – Elections
  • Charlotte Neighborhood and Business Services
  • Charlotte Placemaking Hub
  • Preserve Matthews
  • Park and Rec
  • Solid Waste
  • Sustain Charlotte
  • Solid Waste

MoRA has invited multiple candidates up for election to talk with voters about their platforms.

We will update MoRA initiatives and projects in the area, ranging from the new sculpture adorning the corner of Monroe Road and Conference Drive, to plans to improve safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. We have updates on plans for the Rama/Idlewild/Monroe intersection, the Silver Line, sidewalk and bike programs, and the status of East John.



When to expect a new grocer and shopping on Monroe and Idlewild

City Council recently approved a major development on Monroe Road and Idlewild Road, guaranteed to change the face of southeast Charlotte. Rezoning is complete, so when will the new stores open?   Here’s what we know – and a little bit about the influence that MoRA exercised in shaping the project.

We talked with Selwyn Property Group partner Jensie Teague. He graciously worked with MoRA in implementing recommendations for the project.  Like us, he’s eager to see a clean-up of the site so that construction can begin. However, it may be 4-6 months after the engineering and permitting process.  Teague anticipates a late 2018 opening for the grocer, with the retail building under construction at the same time. The second structure has been designed to allow for outdoor seating and gathering spots, which should entice the neighborhood friendly tenants MoRA residents want.

Teague was complimentary about working with us, thanking “MoRA for both its cooperative spirit and the good advice it offered during the rezoning process.  Selwyn Property Group looks forward to continuing to work with MoRA as we build out this project.” MoRA has offered to identify and help recruit potential tenants, as well as keep the community updated as new tenants sign and open.

MoRA’s Land Use committee asked Teague reposition the store so that it was closer to the street, mimicking the “zero lot lines” that you see at Meridian Place.  That and the addition of trees and landscaping means you don’t see parked cars, making the corner more urban-looking and inviting.

Our volunteer group focused on bike and pedestrian access. We believe safety and access is an important trend that will make the MoRA area more appealing. Upcoming intersection plans should complement and flow with the Selwyn property, providing safe shopping for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

City Council and Zoning Committee members complimented MoRA and the petitioner for how well they worked together.  MoRA also appreciates the assistance of City staff, as well as the guidance of MoRA Advisor Mary Hopper, during this very complex rezoning.  The development will become part of the Independence Trail bike and pedestrian path.  The 12-foot multiuse path along the Monroe and Idlewild frontage will actually be the first section built for the long Independence Trail.  The City planning staff was intent on enhancing connections within the site.  Bike racks and signage will remind motorists to look out for pedestrians and cyclists.  Improvements in building materials and decorative lighting, also requested by MoRA, will be added as the project builds out.

Stay tuned as this important corner takes shape. We will keep you informed with any news about this exciting new shopping, and of course, any other changes along our corridor.