Cross Charlotte Trail’s Protected Bike Lane Update


Charlotte is making strides in becoming a safer and easier place to bike. There has been a lot of buzz about the Cross Charlotte Trail, which will run from Pineville through UNC Charlotte and to the Cabarrus County line once completed. We have previously spotlighted the Independence Trail project that will run through parts of MoRA and is in planning stages now.

The project that may be closest to becoming a reality will come out of the Uptown Connects Study. At a public workshop at 7th Street Public Market last night, dozens of people showed up for a first-hand look at the plans for this project. The Uptown Connects Study has looked at ways to connect Little Sugar Creek Greenway to Irwin Creek Greenway through use of protected bike lanes through Uptown Charlotte.

Protected bike lanes would provide a two-way cycle track completely separated from auto traffic by concrete or flexible barriers. Last night the City revealed that the proposed route of this protected bike lane would run along 6th Street (from Little Sugar Creek Greenway to around Johnson and Whales) and 5th Street (from around Johnson and Whales to the Irwin Creek Greenway entrance behind Ray’s Splash Planet). When completed, cyclists will be able to ride from Freedom Park all the way to West End neighborhoods like Wesley Heights without having to ride in traffic.

While this project doesn’t directly impact MoRA, its success could lead to similar projects elsewhere, perhaps making the Independence Trail a higher priority for the City.

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