Dino’s Pizza: One of Charlotte’s First Pizzerias


Where and when did you try pizza for the first time ever?

If that’s a silly question, then you’re probably Gen X or younger. You’ve always had access to delicious pie, with options on which style of crust you prefer, red or white sauce, and endless combinations of toppings.

In 1950’s Charlotte, many families had never had pizza… or had only tried Chef Boyardee box mix at home. And that’s just one of the reasons Dino’s Pizza on Monroe Road holds so many special memories.


Image: Pat Richardson, Charlotte Eats


First tastes. First dates. Watching the chefs spin and toss the dough into the air. Hanging out with friends after leaving a concert or hockey game at the arena. Enjoying the antipasto platter with a bottle of Chianti.


Image: Pat Richardson, Charlotte Eats


Dino’s Pizza was owned and operated by the Miller Family, who lived in the area and whose kids went to East Meck H.S. Their shop was at 3200 Monroe Road, where present day Peachy Kleen Laundromat and Vossi Cocktail Lounge sit, across from Smokey Joe’s.


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