Mora among fastest growing home sales price zip codes


MoRA has two of Charlotte’s fastest growing home price zip codes

We have been calling the Monroe Road corridor the place for unbelievably affordable real estate for years. We still have bargains, but they are getting harder to find and they are getting a bit more expensive. In the last year, home buyers could not get enough of our older, character-rich homes on big lots in safe, established neighborhoods just minutes from Uptown.   

Charlotte Business Journal looked at the top 10 fastest growing home prices in the Charlotte area. Two reach into the MoRA area.

28212: home sale prices up 22.7% in the last year

28205: home sale prices up 29.4% in the last year

The list includes a number of areas near Belmont, Gastonia, and South Carolina, with only four of the fastest growing home sale prices inside of I-485.  Zip 28205 makes up the northwest corner of our area, along with nearby Cotsworld and Oakhurst, but MoRA is predominately the 28212 zip code. We saw jumps in prices the year before, and despite the 22.7% increase in sale prices in the last year, housing is still the best mix of cost, location, amenities, and unique older homes that we think rank among the best in the region.

Average sale prices in 28212 jumped from $110,000 to the still affordable $135,000.

MoRA has loads of recent improvements that suggest prices will continue to rise. The widening and bridges added to Independence have and will continue to improve commute times to Uptown to as little as 10 minutes. The planned Silver Line made another monumental step towards construction. Public art is going up on the new Meridian Place development. East Mecklenburg High School is adding some major square footage. New shops and restaurants are opening up and down the corridor. Even nearby areas are adding Publix grocery stores and fun activities like an obstacle course.

MoRA home prices are slowly creeping up to their true value. We love having some of Charlotte’s most affordable housing, but we won’t have that for long with housing price increases.

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