Gourmet ice cream parlor coming to MoRA


A few months ago, Charlotte Agenda covered different trendy desserts available in the Charlotte area. The first was rolled ice cream from Jolly Rolls, a family-owned gourmet ice cream shop in Waxhaw.

First off, what is rolled ice cream? It’s a little tough to explain, but it includes a frozen slab and a scraper. Fresh ingredients are mixed together and topped with some delicious ingredients. This video from Jolly Rolls should help explain it a bit better.

Fresh, gourmet ice cream? I’m in. Luckily there won’t be a need to drive down to Waxhaw for the signature ice cream. Jolly Rolls is opening a second location on Monroe Road in MoRA, right between Deep Sea Seafood Market and the coming soon City Barbeque. Here are a few of the tastiest looking creations we found on their website.

We reached out to the owners, and they said they were expecting to open by February in The Commons. Jolly Rolls has a number of premium ice cream flavors, like:

• The Best Tasting S’More (graham crackers, chocolate fudge, marshmallow cream, and a toasted marshmallow)
• Berry Fusion (fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries)
• Pink Snow (raspberry, white chocolate fudge, and white chocolate shavings)
• Chocolate Thunder (chocolate fudge, chocolate shavings, chocolate chip powder, brownie, and chocolate chips)

We can’t wait until they open! The area doesn’t have an ice cream shop, and to get something as creative and fun as Jolly Rolls is exciting! With all the restaurants popping up at The Commons, it may turn into a great foodie destination.

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