Independence Trail in the Works to Make MoRA More Pedestrian and Bike-Friendly


As anyone who has tried it can attest, sometimes getting around the MoRA area without a car can be a challenge. There are some exciting projects on the horizon for the MoRA area aimed at making walking and biking in the area safer and more fun. One of these projects is the proposed Independence Trail South.

The Independence Trail South is a part of City of Charlotte’s Independence Boulevard Area Plan, developed to encourage economic development along the Independence Boulevard corridor. The trail’s design and exact location is still yet to be determined, but it will probably be made up of a route through quiet neighborhood streets, connected by paved pathways/greenways and improved crossings of major WalkingPath1roads. The trail will probably run from around Marion Wallace Park to around the Chantilly Neighborhood Park, between Independence Boulevard and Monroe Road. It is designed to provide walkers, runners and cyclists with an alternative to these two busy roads, as well as to connect other major pedestrian and cycling networks and connect area neighborhoods to services, schools and retail.  To learn more about the Independence Trail, visit the City of Charlotte’s website.

The City of Charlotte has gathered a lot of community input over the past year, leading to the Independence Sidewalk and Bikeway project team’s recommendation for the Independence Trail. This input included two public meetings in June and October 2015, and participation from students from East Mecklenburg High School. Assuming the Community Investment Plan bond referendum passes in November, project planning will begin and the project will move forward as part of the 2016 bond cycle. MoRA will post information when it hears about opportunities for the public to provide input into the design of this exciting new project!

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