Will Moody


A finance professional with Bank of America, I have an active knowledge of the Charlotte business community as well as an understanding of financial wellness for maintaining healthy community organizations. My wife Riley and I moved to MoRA in 2019 and have enjoyed meeting neighbors and supporting MoRA businesses.

I have spent my five+ years in Charlotte seeking out the best Italian restaurants, stalking local real estate developments, and serving a few nonprofits and my church, Hope Community Church. I love Clemson football and enjoying having a beer with friends at Edge City.

We can have a positive, sustainable impact on the growing, vibrant community of MoRA. My interest and effectiveness are in the areas of homelessness, financial wellness, financial literacy, and connecting ‘haves’ with those who ‘have less.’

Contact me if you are looking for a church in the MoRA area, or if you have financial resources and a generous heart but don’t know where your resources could have the most impact.