LovN On Each Other

Patchwork Crosswalks Street Mural


Our community is a patchwork of stories, identities and experiences stitched together. “LovN On Each Other”, one of three Patchwork Crosswalk Project intersections, is designed to give viewers the feel of an enduring hug. Warmth, support, kindness, safety – through the pandemic and long after it is over, is the kind of love we long for and want to share with others.

The patchwork heart blocks reference the arts and craft quilting traditions of the past. The mural’s theme is a nod to the Embrace sculpture by artists Leslie Scott and Lee Baumgarten and their legacy just a few feet away.


Community matters: Within the design are actual contributions from our neighbors (young and old of diverse backgrounds) through MoRA’s community outreach and engagement. It was important for us that folks could see themselves in the work.

For example, the color palette and quilt patterns adorned by the huggers were direct submissions from folks living along the Monroe Road corridor. Look closely, within the various heart quilted blankets, you can also see small colorful blocks which were created by every day people in our community who wanted to share a little bit of love…with you.

Despite the challenges we face, we hope this mural brings you comfort, and together, we can overcome a time of historic turmoil with the tenacity of the human spirit and a few warm hugs along the way forward.

~ MyLoan Dinh & Bunny Gregory


For the story of the Patchworks Crosswalks project, read more here.

Renowned Local Artists Lead Project

Design and installation of MoRA’s newest public art project was led by local artists MyLoan Dinh and Bunny Gregory (@mural_ninjas). Both have been trailblazers in the Charlotte arts community and beyond.

MyLoan Dinh

MyLoan Dinh, a former refugee from Vietnam, grew up on Charlotte’s East Side. An internationally acclaimed multi-media artist, her work often explores the connections between personal and collective history, using a variety of deconstructed materials, objects, texts and more to recreate individual narratives in a communal context. @myloandinh

Bunny Gregory

Bunny Gregory’s work is rooted in Afrocentric culture, addressing issues of racial and
economic disparity often through illustration, comic book style drawings, and collage. A longtime advocate for Black artists, the Charlotte native founded the Underground in 2014 as a space for urban poets, musicians and visual artists to express themselves. @ug_battleofthearts

Bunny Gregory

Dream Partner, Anne Low of ArtWalksCLT

ArtWalksCLT creator and founder, Anne Low, envisioned an East Side Art Trail to connect art in the Monroe Road corridor. Through her passion project ArtWalksCLT, Anne thoughtfully curates free and accessible public art in Charlotte’s neighborhoods. Each self-guided artwalk “provides specific location, artist info, story, key art terms and an opportunity to make a connection to an artwork.”

Together with MoRA, Anne led the Patchworks Crosswalks project from early community engagement to final mural installation.

Check out the MoRA Art Trail on ArtWalksCLT.com

Patchwork Crosswalks is being developed in partnership with ArtWalksCLT to provide a virtual guide to public artwork in the area, and will be included as part of a new ArtWalksCLT art trail.

Our Corporate Partners

These community partners have shown their commitment to the MoRA community and to the importance of public art. We couldn’t be more appreciative.

We are also grateful for the continued support of