Nurture nature with the Mason Wallace Park Advocates


By Dave Molinaro
Mason Wallace Park Advocates

Dear Neighbors,

For years, our dedicated team of volunteers, the Mason Wallace Park Advocates, has been the heartbeat of Mason Wallace Park, transforming it into a vibrant sanctuary for all to enjoy. We’ve rolled up our sleeves to pick up trash, planted native flora, painted picnic tables to beautify our shared space, and worked hand-in-hand with the county’s Park and Recreation Department to foster capital improvements that benefit everyone.

But as time marches on, so does the need for fresh faces and new energy. We’re calling on you, the residents of MoRA, to step forward and join our ranks!

Why join Mason Wallace Park Advocates?

  • Community building: Connect with like-minded individuals who care about our
    environment and community.
  • Active lifestyle: Enjoy the outdoors and stay active, all while making a tangible
  • Local impact: Your efforts will help maintain the park as a cherished local
    landmark and a haven for wildlife.

What you can do:

  • Lend a hand: It would take an hour or two, periodically. Every bit of help counts.
  • Share expertise: Got a green thumb or a knack for organization? Your skills can
    help lead our initiatives.
  • Spread the word: Encourage friends and family to get involved. The more, the
Sept 10 concert

To see if volunteering with the Advocates is right for you, we have three upcoming dates for you to come out and experience the park up close, speak with current Advocates, and suggest park improvements. Click here to choose a day that works for you!

We welcome all ages and skill levels – no prior experience necessary, just a passion for nature and community!

Together, we can continue making Mason Wallace Park a place where nature thrives and communities come together. Let’s keep the legacy alive for generations to come.

Monroe Road Advocates (MoRA) is grassroots group of volunteers from Monroe Road neighborhoods, businesses, nonprofits, and schools. We’re connecting community in the corridor from Lupie’s/7th Street to NC-51.