Meant to Bee: Chippendale Local Honey


Chippendale Local Honey

“It all started in 2019,” says Erika Migeon. Erika’s boyfriend, Luke Shover, had mentioned being interested in beekeeping, so as a Christmas gift that year, Erika enrolled them both in Bee School through Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Association. In addition to classes, they were paired with two excellent mentors who provided “much-appreciated guidance” along the way.

From their first two hives in 2021, Chippendale Local Honey has grown to 6-7 hives and harvested nearly 200lbs of that sweet sweet ‘ney. (That’s short for “honey.” You’ll learn the lingo as you follow their IG account.)

Chippendale Local Honey jars

Backyard Beekeeping

You might be wondering if any special preparations were needed. The couple says they flattened a small section of the yard on which to build the hive stand.

“We didn’t have to make any adjustments to the current flora, but we do try to keep our landscaping pollinator-friendly! For all you DIYers considering getting a few hives for yourself, don’t forget to point the entrance of the hive Southeast.” 

Moth on native flower
Erika Migeon

‘Tis The Season

The couple shared a funny story about their first autumn with the hives—the season when bees are thought to be the most defensive. Treating an out of town guest to delicious local fare, Luke and Erika brought home donuts for breakfast from Move That Dough Baking Co. (found at Common Market Oakwold on weekends). One was a banana oatmeal cream pie flavor. 

“It’s important to know that pheromones are the key drivers in how bees act,” says Erika. “Pheromones can alert the bees of their queen’s presence or signal ‘this is home – come this way!’.”

There’s one pheromone in particular that smells like bananas, and it signals DEFEND THE HIVE! “Our guest got quite the dancing beekeeper show and a lesson in how important good safety equipment can be!”

Bee Beard

Back from the Honeymoon

When asked what the newlyweds love most about where they live, the answer was easy.

“Our neighbors! They have all been very supportive of our bee endeavors! But we liked them before we got the bees. Oakhurst has been such a charming neighborhood, friendly, walkable – we never want to leave!”

Luke with frames
Chippendale Local Honey jars
Erika Migeon

Where to Buy Chippendale Local Honey

  • Make a beeline 🐝 … to follow @chippendale_local_honey on Instagram. You’ll learn fun facts about bees, beards, beetles, and more. They also document some of their bee adventures, like catching a swarm.
  • If you want a taste of their local wildflower honey, you can place an order using this form, or…
  • They will be at Vaulted Oak Brewing’s Barktoberfest from 1-6p on Sunday, October 9. Come by to meet them in person and pick up a jar of sweet ‘ney.


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