Monroe-Idlewild rezoning and new development update


After years with virtually no rezonings in the area, MoRA has had two in quick succession.  While a MoRA Land Use committee is hard at work, it always welcomes your input.

We are meeting at Independence Library on Tuesday the 31st at 6:30 p.m. for your input on current rezoning and new development. We want to know what’s you think is most important for the area that we can focus on in future rezonings, developments, and city planning.

The Hendrick rezoning (2016-141) was approved by City Council at their January 17 meeting, allowing them to expand parking for their multiple dealerships.   What you may have missed is the behind-the- scenes work including the outreach done both by the petitioner and MoRA to nearby neighbors and other area stakeholders.  We especially appreciate the efforts of Rick Hendrick, Gene Cocchi and their team to make this a win-win for Garr Church, the path of the Silver Line and for nearby properties.

The second rezoning (2017-016) has received more media attention, taken substantially more time and is moving more slowly through the process.  Selwyn Property Group is asking to rezone the corner of Monroe and Idlewild for a small,  mixed-use project that includes a grocery store.  Because parcels on the Independence Blvd. side had to be removed from the petition to allow for the Silver Line and that intersection is in the early stages of a redesign that will not be built until 2021, the City is working with the petitioner on significant transportation issues.  That caused the public hearing to be pushed back to February 21.

The delay has allowed MoRA to schedule its own community meeting to continue to gather your input.  At 6:30 pm, January 31 at the Independence Library, we want you to get the latest information on this petition and, more importantly, share your thoughts.  The Land Use Committee has taken what attendees said at the petitioner’s December 14 community meeting, gathered input from a number of sources including past MoRA surveys, and has stayed in touch with Selwyn and City staff.

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