Monroe Road corridor seeing new businesses move into older spaces


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A growing number of businesses along the Monroe Road corridor are moving into old buildings and giving them new life, according to the Monroe Road Advocates (MoRA) group.

The group, which formed to advocate for and connect people along the corridor, says several businesses in the last few years have turned from new construction to these older structures.

“During and after COVID, what we saw is that there was a lot of businesses in other neighborhoods that were being moved out, because of pricing, costs. There was just not enough space anymore,” Liz Koerschgen, chairperson of MoRA, said.

Liz Koerschgen and Tony Ulchar

Koerschgen says as Charlotte has experienced a population boom, real estate prices across Uptown and other parts of the city have exploded. The rising prices led businesses to consider existing buildings in other parts of the city, like along Monroe Road. [+] Watch and read the full story here.

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  Monroe Road Advocates (MoRA) is grassroots group of volunteers from Monroe Road neighborhoods, businesses, nonprofits, and schools. We’re connecting community in the corridor from Lupie’s/7th Street to NC-51.