MoRA Artists to Know – MyLoan Dinh and Till Schmidt-Rimpler

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Moving Poets’ Till Schmidt-Rimpler and MyLoan Dinh, visual artist

International artists MyLoan Dinh and Till Schmidt-Rimpler live in an 87-year old cabin (yes, a cabin) in MoRA. “Our family loves living in MoRA! The neighborhood reflects our values of openness and inclusion.  The cultural diversity inspires us — personally and professionally.”

Though they’re married and their art closely intertwines, they’ve each individually earned their own artistic acclaim.

MyLoan (mee-LON) is a multidisciplinary visual artist who was recently one of a group of local artists invited by the McColl Center to do a residency and create work for an exhibition that “opens eyes and shifts paradigms.” She created her powerful “Woke-Out Series” using boxing gloves covered in eggshells, and a boxer’s speed bag emblazoned with the word Truth. Her own history – MyLoan was born in Vietnam, and in 1975 fled with her family by sea – informs much of her work.

Till is founder, director, and dance choreographer of Moving Poets, an international group of artists building collaboration between arts, creators, and audiences.  Till travels between Berlin and Charlotte much of the year. He has produced numerous collaborative works, including his and MyLoan’s most recent production HEAVEN, was performed at the Booth Playhouse from February 27 through March 1.

HEAVEN, a work inspired by North Carolina poet Chuck Sullivan, is “a modern fairy tale roller coaster ride – through conflict and harmony, chaos, courage and kindness.”

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~ Kathy Hill