MoRA Community Launches Weekly Run

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The MoRA Community Run is back, and this season it’s free!

Neighbors come together for fun—to exercise with friends, to get a little support, and to give a little support. Love to run? Allergic to running? Running-curious? Everyone has a place. The crew takes off from Edge City Brewery at 6:30pm sharp on Wednesdays. Adults of all ages and levels are welcome, and there is no fee to join the MoRA Community Run.

The vision for a community run came from running enthusiast and REALTOR®, Ari Rodriguez, who served on MoRA’s Board in its founding years. Ari knows our community, and he’s passionate about bringing people together for this purpose.

“I want to make it easier to exercise, run, and walk, especially as we age. Good health should be accessible to everyone,” says Ari.

Ari Rodriquez at MoRA Community Run

Go at your own pace

THE WEDNESDAY ROUTE:  Ari mapped a 2-mile route through the residential area across from Meridian Place, around East Meck H.S. You can run or walk, or the tried and true combination of both. Do the loop once for 2-miles, or do the loop twice for 4-miles. The route starts across from Edge City and enters the East Forest/McClintock Woods neighborhood on Knickerbocker. (Click the map to expand.)

Map of MoRA Community Run

“We have runners who walk, and walkers who run. We are all different week to week, and encourage folks to come as they are,” says Stephanie Marshall.

Stef Marshall joined the running group in 2021 and is volunteering with the group. She says she has enjoyed the benefits of accountability and new friendships. “I like knowing I’m going to run (and see my friends) on Wednesday nights. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people in our area, making connections, and talking over beers.”


Two runners with their four-legged friend
Run club in residential route
Ladies walking on 2-mile loop
Man walking on 2-mile loop

MoRA Friends & Benefits

Neighbor Katie Bartella says the MoRA Community Run has been a great motivation to get her moving during the busy week. “It’s a no judgment zone and all about personal bests. Everyone cheers each other on.”

After your 2- or 4-mile best, you can cool down with the crew and get to know new people over a cold beverage from Edge City or share a pizza from Hawthorne’s. Everyone is welcome.

“It brings people together from different neighborhoods in our community. Great way to meet new people in the area,” says Katie.

In addition to the feel-good benefits of physical fitness and new friendships, you will earn fun swag with the more runs/walks you log. Complete eight runs/walks and you will get this year’s t-shirt! 

Yes, it’s free!

The MoRA Community Run is FREE, thanks to local volunteers helping each week and to the sponsorships of Edge City Brewery, MoRA, Key NC Homes, Hawthorne’s NY Pizza, Myqueology, Seegars & Townsend, PLLC, and Jones Elite Training.

John Thomas, co-owner of Edge City Brewery (Title Sponsor), invites everyone to see what the buzz is about. “We love having this amazing group meet at the brewery. They bring so much energy. Rain or shine, they show up. It has become something we all look forward to every week.”


Runners in residential part of route
John Thomas, ECB presenting shirt

Kathy Hill, chair of MoRA (Title Sponsor), says it was an easy decision to sponsor this inclusive event for neighbors. “From the beginning, Ari’s enthusiasm for a community run has been inspiring. He brings the joy of feeling good, of being fit, to every single body.”

So C’mon Every Body. Move!

Join us at Edge City Brewery on Wednesdays at 6:30pm, rain or shine.


MoRA Community Run flyer


  Monroe Road Advocates (MoRA) is grassroots group of volunteers from Monroe Road neighborhoods, businesses, nonprofits, and schools. We’re connecting community in the corridor from Lupie’s/7th Street to NC-51.