MoRA loves local? It’s more than trendy.



Shopping local is trendy, but it’s good to remember why it’s important, too.

Purchases from a local, independent business returns almost three times more to the local economy than chains, and almost 50 times more than from an online megaretailer.*

Monroe Road’s indie businesses are vital to the vibrancy of this area, and as the economy reopens, here are a few more reasons to spend your dollars close to home.



Local businesses

  • generate more tax revenues, with less cost, than national chains
  • employ more people per unit of sales — and retain more employees during a downturn or a disaster — than big box stores or chains
  • can better respond to local communities’ wants and needs


Here’s how to help small businesses right now.

1) Can you buy from indies rather than chains more often – say, 10% of the time? Studies show that a small shift in buying habits adds up to a big difference in local job and wealth creation. Did you know that our website lists dozens of local area businesses? Take a look.

2) In the weeks ahead, you’ll see us promoting many of these businesses on Facebook. Click on their website links, like and share posts. It makes a difference, because every website click improves their SEO (search engine optimization), gaining them more visibility among their non-local competitors.


*Source: American Independent Business Alliance


by: Kathy Hill