MoRA monitoring Silver Line light rail to Matthews


After years of hearing of an old gold mine in our area, it’s looking more like there’s silver in our future.  Specifically, the Silver Line.  Support for light rail was expressed overwhelmingly by attendees at the September 14 Town Hall meeting, but still, a project of this scope will only happen if people press for it.

After seeing a Silver Line update, Town Hall attendees were asked to answer a brief survey.  Although there were some concerns expressed about how transit’s path along Monroe Road might impact existing neighborhoods, responses were overwhelmingly supportive.

  • 96% agreed the transit line was important for the area’s viability
  • 94% wanted planning for the Silver Line and the 2030 plan to be a MoRA priority
  • 96% liked the general design they had just seen

The Silver Line recommendation

Briefly stated, the Silver Line will exit uptown using first the north then south side of Independence Boulevard.  Crossing at Village Lake Drive, it will enter the Monroe Road median and head toward Matthews.  CATS is working with Matthews leaders to design how it approaches both the Novant Medical Center and Sportsplex.  The line crosses I-485 to CPCC’s Levine Campus, which allows for a possible link with Union County.  Regionalizing the current system is considered an important goal for the system’s viability and is sure to be explored in the 2030 plan update.   Here’s the official page for the Silver Line light rail

Where does all this leave us?

While any information about the Silver Line must always be prefaced with the caveat that additional planning and, even more challenging, financing for the line still remain unsettled.  On September 28, the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) heard the CATS recommendation.  Armed with the survey results, MoRA testified, noting stakeholder support for the Silver Line and interest in MoRA staying at the table.

If you want to be involved in MoRA’s Silver Line work, please e-mail MoRA Chair Kathy Hill.


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