MoRA needs social media and community ambassador volunteers


The volunteers behind the Monroe Road Advocates first tried bringing change to our southest Charlotte neighborhood back in 2014. What once started as focus groups and surveys has turned into a non-profit dedicated to improving public safety, bringing news directly neighbors, adding public art, hosting community events, and developing impactful relationships with local government and businesses.

While the area has undergone a major transformation since 2014, our volunteers still see so many opportunities to create a better sense of community. The only thing limiting the neighborhood’s ambition is donations and volunteer hours.

If you can’t volunteer but can donate, all contributions are tax-deductible and can be made through PayPal.

If you want to take a major role in the future of your community, we are looking for all kinds of volunteers.

Communications Volunteer

If you are a fan of the Monroe Road Advocates, you certainly know that our newsletter, Facebook page, and Instagram account provide important news to thousands in the area. Our communications volunteers share news about everything from restaurant openings, free events, rezonings, and even government updates impacting the area.

Neighbors needs to know about the latest public transportation initiatives, our monthly summer music festival, and the best sushi roll to get at the newest restaurant.

We are looking for anyone with social media experience who can pull in important, interesting, and local news. Anyone with experience posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, or Mailchimp can help improve important communications across the community.

Community Ambassador

Our non-profit was founded under the belief this neighborhood needed better relationships with local government and businesses. Our volunteers love to reach out to businesses and government to learn about the latest plans for local parks or new shops coming to the area.

The more community ambassadors that can reach out and start that relationship, the better the Monroe Road Advocates can serve the community. We are looking for community ambassadors highly interested in different aspects of the neighborhood. If you want better parks, you can become a community ambassador and advocate for better parks. If you want safer sidewalks, you can advocate for safer sidewalks. If you want to support local businesses, you can work with communications volunteers for informative blog posts and share big news.

Board Members

We are always looking for new board members who can help guide our non-profit with an eye on the future. The perfect candidate has creative ideas for community improvements, the dedication to help those plans succeed, and the drive to volunteer and assist with MoRA events.

Our board members meet monthly to update our group on progress and to come together to make decisions. Our Treasurer is rolling off of his two year commitment in January, so we are seeking his replacement. We could use someone to take notes at board meetings and distribute them. We need leadership on our Arts, Culture and Education committee. Our board meetings are open to the public, so you can sit in on meetings while you think about whether or not to commit. We meet the third Tuesday of each month at 6 pm as listed on our website.

Volunteer for MoRA

If you are ready to mold the future of the neighborhood, please email our board at