MoRA Point update: more space, potential gym, gas station, public art, and tenants


Thanks to all our neighbors for making it out to the MoRA Point rezoning and project update. If you missed it, the developers are asking for an extra 15,000 square feet of commercial space. Here’s everything we learned at the hearing.

Potential gym

The additional square footage is, in part, to allow for a two-story gym located behind Aldi. We don’t know the gym, but it was described as a national high-end gym operator, likely with amenities like a pool and basketball courts. The gym would look similar to the existing Aldi with a modern brick and glass combination. The 15,000 extra square feet is partially for the gym, and includes “wiggle room” for additional tenants that want more room. Similar to the Aldi, we expect to hear more about the gym assuming the rezoning amendment is approved.

Public art

This is our first (!) real info on the public art project at the corner of Idlewild and Monroe. Lee Baumgarten, the Charlotte artist who completed the Embrace sculpture, has made mosaic benches with stainless steel borders, and a “drum” in the middle with a tall, twisted, vertical, steel structure.

Potential gas station

We have told everyone on our Facebook page asking about a gas station in our area that part of MoRA Point is zoned for a gas station. We expected it to be only a matter of time, and now we know that a station has signed a letter of intent for the site. All we know is it is not a QuikTrip.

Potential restaurants

Developers said there is interest in a restaurant near the Starbucks and Verizon in the new building, but nothing yet is set. The section nearest to Monroe Road is slated for a local neighborhood restaurant.

Family medicine practice

Next to the local neighborhood restaurant will be a family medicine practice.

Starbucks, Verizon, and Supercuts update

Opening this summer! Developers are finishing the exterior of the building now and will hand over the worksite to tenants soon. We can’t wait to finally have a drive-thru coffee shop on those early mornings into town.

New ABC store

One of the adjacent MoRA Point parcels has been purchased by the ABC board, and plans are to build a new ABC store there, moving from the Village Lake location. Construction is expected to begin by year-end 2019.

New sidewalks

The 12-foot-wide multi-use sidewalk along MoRA Point is finally complete. This will make pedestrian access to and from MoRA Point much easier and safer, and is expected to connect to more bike and pedestrian paths in an upcoming intersection redesign and redevelopment.

Rezoning timeline

This will go faster than the prior rezoning as this is just an amendment. The public hearing in front of city council is April 15. Zoning meets on April 30, then city council votes on May 20.