We Want a Brewery in the Monroe Road Corridor

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My wife and I live in MoRA and we’re big fans of Charlotte craft beer. This is an open letter welcoming a brewery to open in our corridor. Most of the craft breweries in NODA, South End and Plaza Midwood are between 9 and 11 miles from our house. Not bad for meeting some friends on a Saturday night or showing out-of-town friends around, but it’s not exactly convenient to Uber there on a Thursday night. Cycling or walking there is completely out of the question.


Not only is there a broad, unserved gap in the market, but there’s an excellent value proposition for opening a brewery in MoRA. We have tens of thousands of cars driving up and down Monroe Road every day. Also, a lease in MoRA is likely to be far more affordable than other, more established, neighborhoods which would keep expenses lower. Can you imagine a brewery beside an entrance to the McAlpine Creek Greenway? Think about all the collaborative events that could be held: runs, bike rides, pub trivia, and dogs come to mind.

McAlpine Creek Greenway

Many businesses are moving into or increasing investment in our area, like Hendrick, BrandRPM, Sardis Marketplace, and the 165,000 square foot INQ office building. Thousands of people work up and down Monroe Road and Independence Blvd. There’s new residential investment in our corridor like the M-Station Apartments on Monroe Road.

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(Map courtesy of charlottebeer.com)

There’s no nearby competition and it’s affordable to get started in our neighborhood. There’s a huge, untapped (pun intended), local demand for craft beer in the Monroe Road corridor. What can we do to help make this happen? A petition? A Kickstarter campaign? We are a rapidly growing advocacy group and we would love to partner with someone to help make a MoRA brewery a reality. Please let us know what you think and help us to spread the word.

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