MoRA’s First Yoga Studio, Queen City Yoga



If you need some to unwind after a contentious election, or just need to get your mind off of the state of the Panthers, try MoRA’s first yoga studio. Yvonne Brown opened Queen City Yoga this fall, hidden in the back McAlpine Business Park.qcyoga1

For those unfamiliar, a typical yoga class combines stretches, poses, and breathing into a surprisingly effective workout. Yoga can also expand from just a physical labor to a mental and spiritual practice as well. You’ve probably seen countless people in workout gear carrying a rolled up yoga mat in Cotswold, South End, or any of the trendy Charlotte neighborhoods. However, you probably haven’t seen that around MoRA.

qcyoga2Now you will. Yvonne Brown, who has been teaching yoga for over 12 years, was determined to add a yoga studio in the underserved Monroe Road corridor. “We are definitely different. We practice integral yoga, which integrates yoga into your life. It’s not just poses you do on the pad. Yoga is much more than breathing, relaxing, and being calm. It’s about leading a better life and actively doing things to make that happen. We ask: how do we do that?”

Queen City Yoga has day and evening classes Monday through Saturday will a few of different teachers. Area residents now how the chance to stretch out and destress at an accessible and convenient yoga studio.


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