Mural Announcement

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“That wall needs a mural!”  Ever since the city-owned facility at Monroe and Idlewild Roads has been uncovered from its vegetation, people have suggested to us that that would be a great place for a mural. In fact, we’ve been thinking about that corner for some time now – for either a temporary art project, such as a mural, or for a permanent art installation of some kind.  Because we already had projects under way, art on that corner, permanent or temporary, had to wait.

But then the city’s Placemaking Program approached us with a plan. In commemoration of Charlotte’s 250th anniversary this year, they wanted to create a mural in each district. They had a budget, a theme, and artists from the OBRA Collective (an advocacy and cultural arts group) ready. All they needed was a wall.

Celebrating culture.  The city’s theme of celebrating the rich mosaic of cultures and people that have made our city and our community strong resonated for us. As an organization, we knew we haven’t been effectively reaching all of the voices in our community. When this project was offered to us by the city, paid for by the city, giving us a chance to reach people we haven’t yet connected with, it was an easy decision.

We’re excited to have the city ask for our collaboration in implementing a temporary public art project, which will give us time to plan a permanent public art display. That’s why we’re calling this transitional public art.

Rachel Stark of the city’s Placemaking Program adds, “This is the first mural in Charlotte to be installed on a public works facility, and we hope that the success of this project inspires many others.”

Join the brainstorming session.  On Tuesday, February 19 there will be an OBRA Collective artist-led interactive discussion so that the mural reflects as many different voices from our community as possible. Here are the details:

When:     Tuesday, February 19, 2019 from 6 until 7:30pm                                                                              Where:  Independence Regional Library, 6000 Conference Drive

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