Needed: Photographer, blogpost writer, social media volunteers


MoRA is a community organization looking for a volunteer(s) who has Very Good to Excellent photography skills, who is comfortable posting on social media (especially Instagram). Writing and publishing blogposts are additional but helpful.

Any or all of the following are part of this position:

  • Taking photos at MoRA events (once a month or less), including selecting and uploading the best shots to MoRA’s image-hosting website.
  • Social media posting (Instagram, FB) at events using appropriate hashtags and captions, maintaining consistency of images and ‘voice’.
  • Occasionally visiting places of interest in the MoRA area as well as businesses to get pictures that show the area in a positive light. Posting to Instagram as appropriate.
  • Meet periodically (by phone or in person) to talk with MoRA advisor about what kind of images are needed for the upcoming month(s).
  • Communication and collaboration with Team MoRA as well as independent thinking and decision making are critical.
  • Writing blogposts could entail interviewing a business owner, reviewing a restaurant, highlighting an issue that impacts MoRA residents. Blogposts are generally 300-500 words.

If you’re interested, send an email with your phone number to Kathy Hill at!