Our voices. Your voices.


The Monroe Road area is among the most diverse in the city, and that is something that we value and want to protect.  The MoRA organization exists to forge a more vital and vibrant community for the people who live and work along all of Monroe Road. That’s our mission and we take it to heart in every effort, every action – everything – we do. We believe that you do, too.

We want to acknowledge directly the very real and heartbreaking and impassioned events of the past weeks – the unjustified and horrific deaths, the protests around the world, across our country and in our city, and equally importantly and sadly, the day-to-day occurrences of bias and injustice that impact our community members, right here, where we all live. There are tough, real and honest conversations that must be had, and actions that must be taken.

The MoRA organization is a diverse mix of community members who volunteer because we have passion for our mission, contributing our time and efforts toward that end. We work with people, businesses and city services — including CMPD, our community partners —  to create unity and relationships that help our community move forward.

Installing Embrace in 2017

Yet, we also recognize that our organization is but a small subset of the diversity in our community. We take this to heart and want to extend our open invitation to include more voices as we move forward. Every day is an opportunity to become more aware, and through awareness take action that moves us all forward, as a community.

We need more of your voices.

Please consider joining us to provide your voice, perspective, abilities and most importantly, passion, to work together to make our MoRA community all that it can be, for everyone – every one – who chooses to live here. Our community is made stronger through its diversity. We, you, can make a difference.

Please join us.

Be safe. Be well. Be you.

Thank you.


Reach out to us at kathy@moraclt.org

Photo credit for all images: Leigh Black