Private School Coming to MoRA’s Iconic, Big White House


This part of town, and this specific location, was absolutely perfect for us for so many reasons. – Tomis Parker, director for ALC Mosaic

We have all seen the big white house on the corner of Monroe and Rama. The big estate was built way back in 1933, and was even moved during the Rama road expansion. It has been for sale off and on for years, but rezoning issues stopped previous buyers from turning it into a commercial development. Finally, someone has bought the historic property.

ALC Mosaic, an independent private school, purchased the property, and the group plans to merge two existing schools into this MoRA residence. No apartments, townhouses, gas stations, or strip malls are going here. New life will be given to the prominent southeast Charlotte staple, and provide a learning experience for all ages.

Billed as an agile learning community, ALC Mosaic won’t have a big room full of desks or textbooks. The independent school offers a more open and collaborative learning environment for half-day pre-kindergarten and standard kindergarten to 12th grade students. Students learn from interaction, experiences, projects, and engaging with others. It’s very different than what you went through while growing up.

They have some fun class activities on their YouTube page, but you can find more information about their teaching style on their website.

We spoke with Tomis Parker, a director for the school about their plans for the home. “We love this house and want to preserve it as much as possible. Beyond the structure itself, we intend to create a beautiful and magical outdoor space for our school with the rest of the property. Playing outdoors is extremely important to us, so we plan to utilize all of our 1.7 acres.”

The school caters to a wide variety of students, with a sliding scale of tuition based on what a family can pay, and they felt the MoRA area was a great fit for a diverse class of students. It helps that a lot of the staff lives within walking distance. Each room in the house will have a different use, ranging from reading rooms to arts and crafts.

The soon to be school, which will max at around 50 students and under 10 staff, is currently undergoing construction and should open by this summer. You can make a tax deductible donation here to help keep education affordable for all families.

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