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MoRA made the connection. It all came together.


Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte (ATC) was sidelined for a year due to the pandemic, like every other entertainment venue, but they were determined. Could they offer a 2021 summer series of live theatre? They reached out to MoRA in their search for a location. MoRA connected them with Daniel Levine of Levine Properties, who saw this as an opportunity to support the community.

“With ATC setting up their stage and bringing live theater, it created an enormous opportunity for so many more people to be able to enjoy this beautiful setting.”

The Barn at MoRA


The Barn at MoRA is located at McAlpines Center, 8300 Monroe Road.

ATC took a chance on live theater, outdoors for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Beneath the stars. Overlooking a 100-year-old dairy barn and three silos on a nice, grassy slope.

Stepping up financially


MoRA helped to make the season possible by making a significant financial commitment to ATC. The event was additionally made possible by Levine Properties through use of the property.

John Lincoln, vice chair of Monroe Road Advocates, explains. “Why did we do this? Well, we believe that art, in all forms, is one of the greatest ways to promote creativity and connection in the community. The community told us they wanted amenities like this. Just think of it. Thousands of people would be able to enjoy performances throughout the summer by talented actors and musical artists, in a magical setting, right here in MoRA.”

“With COVID,” he continues, “folks have been cooped up. ATC’s Rock the Barn summer series meant that people have been able to sit safely with others and just enjoy great performances by a renowned, local performance troupe – Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte. We are thrilled to be able to support something so special that allows folks — both nearby as well as from all over Charlotte — to experience great theater together.”


Fenix Fotography – “Rock of Ages” cast


Rock the Barn shows and tickets


Rock of Ages (About half of the August performances were cut short due to Covid): Shredding guitar solos, fierce vocals, and monster ballads set the stage for this energetic tribute to classic rock. A small town girl, a city boy, and their band of friends fight to save the Sunset Strip, where rock reigns supreme. 

Head over Heels (Show cancelled due to Covid): “We got the beat!” And so does the kingdom of Acadia. That is, until an ancient sooth-snake threatens to wreak havoc among the kingdom. Set to the iconic music of 80’s supergroup The Go-Go’s, Head Over Heels is a high energy, unconventional fairy tale for the truly adventurous. 

Rocky Horror Show (It’s happening!!! Oct 6 thru Oct 31): Brad and his fiancée, Janet, innocently set out to visit an old friend, but a thunderstorm and a flat tire force them to seek help at the castle of Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter; a manic genius with an insatiable libido. The night’s misadventures cause Brad and Janet to question everything they thought they knew about love, lust, and each other. A wild ride with an irresistible rock’n’roll score, this show is everything your mother warned you about!  Tickets are on sale. All tickets are $35.


Fenix Fotography: Rocky Horror Show


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