Russell’s Pub & Grill


Remember that Bruce Springsteen line, “I’m goin’ down to the well tonite / I’m gonna drink ’til I get my fill”?

That’s the feeling that came over me as I strolled into Russell’s Pub & Grill. I decided to try some local craft beers like Olde Mecklenburg Brewery’s “Copper” and Appalachian Mountain Brewery’s Boone Creek “Blonde Ale.” New Jersey native, Manager Jonathan Williams, mixologist and Pub Meister, was proud to introduce me to these new selections. He mixes original concoctions like his “Lemon Poundcake” and old favorites, too, like a Whiskey Sour, spicy Bloody Mary, or a Bacardi special of my liking. (And I liking.)


On this particular day, it wasn’t 5:30 anywhere yet, so I decided to check out Russell’s new lunch special menu. I had the buffalo chicken wrap. This definitely had it going on – with fries and a drink for a very affordable $6.99.


The Pub changed hands when Russell Matthews, the original owner, passed away after a long illness this past February. The change in ownership didn’t change Russell’s good name (and love of life). The change of ownership did bring some changes to the menu. I’m looking forward to trying Russell’s weekly specials like the Sea Bass, a 15oz T-Bone, or Shrimp & Lobster skewers, with sides and fresh vegetables all for just $14.99.


There’s more to this bar than good food and drinks, though. After a long week (or even a short one!) I like to kick it where the locals like to go. There are lots of little nooks to hang out. Outside there’s a patio. Inside there are pool tables and darts, or choose your spot at the bar. There are many hi-tops or comfy booths. Russell’s hosts karaoke on Wednesdays and Fridays (I’m told the “crowd went wild” for my rendition of Love will Keep Us Together, by Captain and Tenille).


Their latest addition is Music Bingo on Tuesday nights. That is until football season starts, and good luck if you’re not a Panther fan by then. Saturday night brings in the loyalest crowds for live music – the kind of rock ‘n roll that would make Bruce grin. Top it off with a 10% discount for anyone mentioning MoRA, and playing “Til I Get My Fill” feels as right as all my Glory Days put together.

Find the latest specials and happenings via Facebook here: Russell’s Pub & Grill – Charlotte, NC

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