Social Pet mural gives love to the locals

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Social Pet mural on Monroe Road

In the midst of all that was happening in 2020, Bill and Amy Hillis—owners of Social Pet on Monroe Road—commissioned a mural to express their solidarity, love, and commitment to the local community.

Amy and Bill Hillis

They enlisted the help of Charlotte artists Arko & Owl, who set the scene on an abstracted map of Echo Hills. Owl’s signature undulating lines mesmerize viewers and symbolize the rolling green space of the neighborhood, nestled between Monroe Rd and Independence Blvd.

Each of the eight doggos in the mural represent a nearby business—many who have been in the neighborhood for decades! Can you guess them all, #1-8?


1. Pittie peeking from behind the tree is ___, creating a safe & supportive environment for LGBTQ youth.

“The paw is raised to show support of the Black lives disproportionately affected by police brutality.”

Pittie at Social Pet Charlotte

2. Pug is ready to give your pet a checkup at ___.


3. Beagle is swinging a shammy to give your ride a sparkly shine at ___.


4. Doodle is riding high, probably on Sexy Power, at favorite hangout ___.

Doodle at Social Pet Charlotte

5. Boxer is heading to play the blues at ___’s open mic night.


6. Golden is flexing her fitness at ___, where every furry friend gets ample training & exercise during their stay.


7. Rottie has been serving favorites like “Fresh My Farm” fried squash at ___ for over 50 years.


8. Bulldog is wearing the suit made famous in the 1967 Patterson-Gemlin ‘Bigfoot’ film.

The original owner of ___ claims to be the creator. Today, you can find just about everything in this legendary local (but national) business!


Heart-centered mission

Located at 3814 Monroe Rd, Social Pet offers daycare, training, grooming spa, and lodgingIt’s not just a job for them, though.

“We are committed to a higher purpose of educating pet parents about dog behavior, and why it is so important to understand that all dogs are unique and deserve customized care. A ‘normal’ dog is not necessarily one that will play well with others for hours on end in a large 20+ dog pack. On the contrary, most dogs (over 60%) are too intelligent, active, and hungry for engagement to find long-term value in simply running around with other dogs. They deserve to interact with humans who understand this and respect the individual qualities that make them unique”

Social Pet Charlotte believes in giving back to the community, and this mural is like a love letter to Monroe Road neighbors.

Social Pet on Monroe Road

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Monroe Road Advocates (MoRA) is grassroots group of volunteers from Monroe Road neighborhoods, businesses, nonprofits, and schools. We’re connecting community in the corridor from Lupie’s/7th Street to NC-51.