What’s replacing the old Steve and Barry’s University Sportswear?


What’s replacing the old Steve and Barry’s University Sportswear?
I have lived in the MoRA area for over two years, and the biggest eyesore during that entire time has been the abandoned sportswear building on Sardis Road North and Krefeld Drive. Broken glass and garbage adorned the old Steve and Barry’s University Sportswear building.
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Development in the MoRA area has been strong, and investment finally came to the this site. You have probably seen the construction fences, but did not know improvements are happening. Commercial real estate investors JLL www.inqcharlotte.com identified the area as having easy access around town and full of amenities with an impressive 50 restaurants and 10 hotels in a 1.5 mile radius. The abundant space has been branded as INQ @ 2401.
INQ is rehabbing the shell of the building, and is looking for business tenants in the 165,000 square foot space. The beautiful glass front and parking lot green space should help attract a significant amount of new jobs to the MoRA area. INQ should provide the newer facilities and larger footprint needed to land a big tenant.
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Development has picked up dramatically in the area, from the new Hendrick facility on Independence Boulevard, the mixed-use development at M Station, quick real-estate sales, and continuing improvements to Independence Road. We’ve reached out to the builders about a potential completion date and tenants, and will update when we hear back.