Survey Results


The corridor has changed dramatically since MoRA formed in 2016, which means the needs of the area are also evolving. We as an organization are always evaluating how to best serve those needs. In late February, we published a survey to ask the community, “If you could pick only one of the following statements for MoRA, which one would you pick?”

It’s most important to have MoRA, Monroe Road Advocates, focus its advocacy on:

A).  Being at the table for mobility and growth issues like transit, bike paths, Silver Line, rezonings, new developments. Being a voice for the Monroe Road Corridor.

B).  Fostering community camaraderie through events like Thursdays Live (live music), creating public art and attracting things like live theater to the Monroe Road area.

C).  Supporting local businesses by highlighting services and amenities that make Monroe Road a place where residents can find close-to-home options for eating out, shopping, running errands.

Understandably, respondents wanted to choose more than one. “They’re all equally important!” said many in the comment section. But we wanted to know through the perspective of the Monroe Road community, what is the MOST important work that we do?

Survey Results 2023

250 total respondents:

A). 56% – 139 respondents

B). 24% – 61 respondents

C). 20% – 50 respondents

MoRA’s Takeaways

First, the fact that 250(!) people took time to respond was striking. People care about this Monroe Road community, and they want to see it thrive. In the “what else should we know” section, we were blown away that 49 people took time to additionally share their thoughts in this optional space.

Many expressed their appreciation to our organization; we are grateful for that, thank you. 

At the bottom of this article, we’ve shared other comments we received.

By a margin of two to one (2:1), people thought that our advocacy, speaking on behalf of the corridor, was our most important role. And that affirmed our organization’s roots:

Neighbors and stakeholders came together and formed MoRA to create a more vibrant and vital community. To be a voice for the corridor. To advocate for mobility, affordability and opportunity.

Together, the survey responses and your comments let us know that we are on the right track.

Additional Comments

  • Love living in this area! (2)
  • Oppose potential multifamily rezoning (2)
  • We need safer bike paths, transit, etc. (2)
  • Love the Barn (2)
  • Excited about development along the corridor/need more attractive developments (2)
  • Making sure that MoRA is at the helm of city growth conversations are key–but I think that creating more advocates through community gathering is a strong approach.
  • Fostering community is so important. Loneliness abounds, especially within the senior community. Can MoRA develop a volunteer “army” to volunteer in our schools, our library, and within service organizations such as Neighborhood Hope?
  • MoRA shouldn’t advocate for its own positions, every voice is valid; MoRA should foster DISCUSSION and not advocate for ANY specific side of an issue since the organization cannot represent all voices. 
  • It’s very important for you to know the thoughts of the MoRA residents that you represent and not simply push your own agenda. 
  • I hate to see the developments popping up along Rama (at the tracks) and parts of Monroe Rd – at Oakhurst. 
  • Monroe Rd infrastructure improvement with more development coming. 
  • More street lights and walking paths to cross over Monroe Rd.
  • I can walk to Aldi but I don’t feel safe crossing that intersection
  • Want less rezoning for development.
  • Want to hear about local restaurants, taprooms, etc
  • Where’s the gym [near Aldi, now to be apartments] we were supposed to get?
  • Residents should have a say in the types of businesses coming in
  • More retail shops like clothes, jewelry, high end body piercing (no tattoos)
  • Code enforcement: speeding, disabled vehicles, parking on the grass
  • Want a family restaurant at Idlewild & Monroe
  • Want a farmer’s market
  • Pickle ball?
  • Protected bus shelters

  Monroe Road Advocates (MoRA) is grassroots group of volunteers from Monroe Road neighborhoods, businesses, nonprofits, and schools. We’re connecting community in the corridor from Lupie’s/7th Street to NC-51.