Tapestry | Collaborative Community Mural


Charlotte’s CLT 250 Placemaking program reached out to MoRA to create a collaborative community mural. The Charlotte Water facility at the intersection of Monroe and Idlewild Roads was selected; it was the first city-owned facility to participate in an art project of this type. Artist-led community meetings and  conversations about what it means to be part of our city and recognizing the rich diversity of the area took place in designing the motif.

The resulting mural, Tapestry, weaves together iconic fabric patterns, plants and birds representing the different countries and ethnicities of residents in the area, and celebrates the culture of the people who live here.  The unveiling was November 7, 2019.


UPDATE 2021:  Due to water seepage, the ‘wrap’ mural has been removed and a new wall and location is being identified for Tapestry. Here’s the full story. 


Photo credit: Leigh Black

MoRA Tapestry Mural

What’s next for art in MoRA

MoRA’s vision is to have a series of art and creative community projects that define and distinguish the area. Please let us know if you have ideas that you would like to see happen and resources that you’d like to share as we identify future art projects in the MoRA area.


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