Tapestry mural’s damage & update

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Art is supposed to be an ever-evolving process, but if so, the Tapestry mural is going a step too far.

If you’ve driven by the Idlewild and Monroe Roads corner recently, you may have noticed that a large section of the mural has been damaged. Here’s what’s happening:

Due to facility restrictions, the mural was applied as a ”wrap” rather than painting directly onto the wall. It’s a large printed version of the original art created by local artists, basically adhered to the wall. We knew that the wrap option came with a risk of it coming “unwrapped” over a period of time. The city budgeted for periodic repairs to the mural as this type of situation arises.

For those of you who are into the mechanics of this type of art, part of the brick wall has excessive moisture, causing the adhesive to break free and the wrap to come unattached from the wall. It’s simply a function of the type and location of the installation. The repair process is straightforward. The damaged wrap section is removed, and the reprinted portion is reapplied. We’ve notified the city, and we expect one last repair to be forthcoming.

While we’ve begun to consider a new art installation for that corner, we are looking for a way to preserve the art that was created at another location. Since murals are, by nature, temporary art installations, it may be time to do something more permanent at that location.

We’d love to have input from area artists as to what that might be. Are you an artist with ideas for that corner? Reach out to us! Send an email to art@moraclt.org

~ John Lincoln