‘Tapestry’ Public Art Mural Unveiled in the Heart of MoRA

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Charlotte’s MoRA neighborhood is turning into a center of public art with a mural placed at the intersection of Monroe and Idlewild Roads in November 2019. A partnership between the City of Charlotte and the MoRA community helped create the painting inspired by the area’s diversity.

The community selected the location at the intersection, which connects the city’s two longest roads, transforming a blank wall into a message of welcome and celebration. The artists are from the OBRA (Observe, Bridge, Respond, Art) Collective.

“Tapestry” celebrates immigrants’ contributions, with community conversation between the artists, immigrants, and longtime residents about what it means to be a part of Charlotte influenced the design. The layout weaves together fabric patterns, plants, and birds from different countries and ethnicities represented in southeast Charlotte.

“This mural embodies what is incredible about Charlotte and demonstrates what is possible when we engage community members through placemaking,” said Rachel Stark, project coordinator with the city’s Urban Design Center. “Together, we’ve beautified an unused space and created a point of pride for residents.” 

 The mural is one of Charlotte’s CLT250 Placemaking Program projects announced in 2018 and debuting in 2019. The program uses urban design and placemaking efforts to transform overlooked public spaces into vibrant places that reflect the identity of the surrounding community. Prior placemaking projects include the blue rocking chairs placed across Charlotte, including four at the Embrace Sculpture across from East Mecklenburg High School.

The city will continue the Placemaking Program in 2020. Residents are encouraged to come to the table, contribute ideas, lead projects, and work together to accomplish shared public space goals.

Visit charlottenc.gov/placemaking to learn more about the tools and opportunities available to help bring plans for a vibrant project to life.