The 5 best places to eat on Monroe Road that CharlotteFive missed


Last week CharlotteFive wrote about their top five restaurants on Monroe Road. We love they gave our wide array of restaurants a little attention, but they missed some real gems! Then we put together five restaurants they missed, and realized these lists are tough. There are a ton of options and we had trouble limiting it to only five. C5 hit a lot of our favorites, including Deep Sea, Lupie’s Cafe, Red Sea, and New Zealand Cafe, but we dug a little deeper for delicious eats.

Here are our favorite places to eat in our neighborhood, along with their Yelp pages if you want to take a better look.

Taqueria Los Altos, 8625 Monroe Road, Suite D

When you think about Mexican food in southeast Charlotte, a lot of people mention Mi Pueblo. We highly recommend their Dos Equis fish tacos on their glorious patio with a waterfall, but Taqueria Los Altos can’t be beat. This restaurant, hidden between a laundromat and a thrift store, made Yelp’s 2017 Top 100 Places to Eat in Charlotte. This restaurant is the definition of a hidden gem, especially if you are looking for authentic Mexican food. They make their own corn tortillas, have delicious street tacos, fresh guacamole, and the best tamales in Charlotte. You must try this restaurant.

Stacks Kitchen11100 Monroe Road

You shouldn’t need an introduction to Stacks, as you have undoubtably seen the line leading out to the parking lot during almost the entire weekend. They serve all day breakfast, and it is impossible to go wrong. Skillets, benedicts, omelettes, waffles, and even lunch food is great. We stick to breakfast and their fresh squeezed orange juice, but you have to get here early if you don’t want to be stuck in line.

Cinemark Movie Bistro, 9630 Monroe Road

Oh yes, the food is good enough at Cinemark to be worthy of this list. For the uninitiated, Cinemark is the best movie theater in Charlotte. They have the biggest and most comfortable leather recliners that will ruin all other theaters for you. They also have local beers on draught, and a pretty extensive menu. If you don’t have enough time to go to a restaurant before a movie, do both here. Other movie theaters have nachos, while this one has pulled porch nachos. You can stay health with a spinach salad, or go all in with pizzas, bacon cheese fries, or a Carolina slaw dog. We recommend the turkey avocado bacon sandwich and a beer from Asheville’s Highland Brewery.

Hawthorne’s New York Pizza & Bar6621 Monroe Road

Charlotte’s New York-style pizza restaurant most recently opened along Monroe, and they have the area’s most scenic bar. Floor to ceiling windows and an extensive bar offers a great place to stop for a drink and some food. Those of us with families are a little more familiar with their pickup window (order and pay through their app for an easy dinner), but the bar is a great place to eat their Long Island Style wings, a simple basil mozzarella personal pizza, or go healthy with the tasty kale and quinoa salad. Sit back and enjoy the view of the Embrace Statue.

Yaki Asia Fresh1431 Sardis Road North

We are huge Yaki fans. If you are expecting this to be either Chinese or Japanese food, you will be in for a surprise. I can best sum up Yaki as Japanese mixed with cajun. I highly recommend their shrimp yaki, which comes with vegetables, outstanding fried rice, and shrimp in a teriyaki sauce. Add a side of gyoza and the avocado salad if you are hungry. However, the biggest part of their menu is their seafood boil: mix shrimp/crawfish/clam/crab/lobster, a flavor of house cajun, garlic butter, lemon pepper, or the special Yaki sauce, then pick how spicy you want it. The boils are delicious, but prepare to get your hands dirty.

Honorable Mentions

C5 gave a few honorable mentions, and we couldn’t stop ourselves either. We’ve been big supporters of both the food and the mission of Community Culinary School of Charlotte, 9315 Monroe Road. The Southern Gourmet, 9101 Monroe Road, is a catering company with yummy sandwiches that has a small cafe open during lunch. City Barbeque is a great place to pickup dinner, and you can’t go wrong with their BBQ tacos, brisket chili, or one of their brisket sandwiches. Their smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas are so good I am never making one again myself. Finish your evening off with the rolled ice cream at Jolly Rolls Ice Cream.

Any restaurants we missed?