The ‘Everything You Need in One Store’ Store


MoRA has heard for years that the UPS Store on Monroe Road has especially loyal customers. So when local small business owner Vikee Koh wrote and told us why, we wanted to pass it on.

By Vikee Koh
Designer Diva Media

OK, it’s really called The UPS Store! But after you read this, you will agree that *the everything in one place store* should be its name.

We all know it’s *the place* when it comes to sending and receiving packages.

Apartment living can be a nightmare when expecting packages. You’re either subjected to Porch Pirates or risk having your package held hostage by the leasing office and its fluctuating hours and moods. I decided five years ago I needed a personal mailbox and I haven’t regretted it.

Sept 10 concert

I receive my business mail and all packages here. And they have everything you need to mail a package.

The customer service here is impeccable. It’s family-owned and run by Camille and Sandra Harmouch. They greet every customer by name and even have our box numbers memorized!

Sept 10 concert

Now let me tell you some things you may not know!

They have this cool contraption that makes bubble wrap!!! It’s fascinating to watch!!

bubble wrap machine
bubble wrap machine

They can fill your package with foam peanuts – another equally cool contraption!

When my printer refused to budge a few weeks ago I learned I could email the UPS store and have it printed there.

There is also an onsite notary.

You can design your own holiday cards, postcards or business cards and have them printed here. They can also print posters and banners, plus pamphlets, brochures, tickets and yard signs. They can even print on metal. Yes, metal! They print metal and plastic signs, and also license plates.

See, you weren’t expecting all this, I know. I wasn’t either. But wait – there’s more!!

This little beauty right here prints blueprints. They have the paper on hand so everything is done efficiently in-store.

bubble wrap machine

They can print and bind books! Seriously, I’ve seen them doing it!

We’re still not finished.

Check out these cool projects Camille showed me from past customers.

This real estate brochure is a must for real estate agents.

bubble wrap machine
bubble wrap machine

This one absolutely blew me away. This is from a wedding. It’s in newspaper style and featured everything about the wedding, right down to a crossword puzzle on the back!

Most recently, they have started Happy Returns. Happy Returns is a U.S.-based software and reverse logistics company that enables frictionless, no-box, no-label returns for merchants and consumers.

This place makes my life so much easier. Whether I’m receiving packages for business or mailing things off to my grandkids, they take all the hassle away from me.

And I actually enjoy coming in here. One Halloween my daughter had searched everywhere for a certain mask for my grandson. I happened to find one two days before Halloween and they made sure it arrived in Tennessee in time for him to wear it. Such a life saver.

bubble wrap machine

One occasion I came in to pick up some packages I’d ordered for Christmas and one was a particularly odd-shaped item.

The team had been taking guesses about what was inside. I said, “Oh the bean bag chair is here!” One employee yelled from the back “I told you! I knew it!! I was right!” We spent a while going over everyone’s guesses. Such a fun time.

Last Spring I’d ordered a hat for a Derby party I was attending. Well, of course I had to open it and model it for all the ladies.

See, this isn’t just a business, they’re like family. A family that has everything you need in one store.

The UPS Store
10020 Monroe Road Suite 170
Matthews, NC 28105

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