Tropical Bakery Cafe delights with traditional Brazilian fare


Tropical Bakery Cafe is a must try for your tastebuds this summer. This family owned shop offers a menu of traditional Brazilian fare—savory and sweet—baked (or fried) fresh each day. Sweet breads, empanadas, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, pastel, fresh squeezed fruit juices, coffee, desserts, and catering as well as take and bake options.

One of the most popular items is coxinha, a teardrop-shaped dough stuffed with seasoned filling that is battered and fried to a crispy finish (croquette). Pamonha will look familiar, wrapped in corn husks and tied into rustic packages. A delicacy in households! There are also a variety of salgadinhos—“snacks” with savory filling, wrapped in baked or fried dough on selection each day.

First, we tried the the torta de frango com queijo, an ohhh-so-delicious chicken pie with cheese. Ours was stuffed with seasoned shredded chicken, green onion, tomato, and a few slices of green olives. The bread was perfection—soft on the inside but made the satisfying crackle sound as your fork and knife break the surface. It’s topped with Parmesan cheese and herbs.


Then for dessert, the coconut donuts stuffed with a smooth dulce de leche.

In all, we spent right around $12 on three savory bites, one sweet roll, and two lollipops. There’s plenty to explore, a full menu of food and drinks and a tall cooler full of fruit juices. Let us know what you try!


11100 Monroe Rd.
Matthews, NC
(They’re up next to Stacks Kitchen before Hwy 51)


Open M-F, 6a-6p
Sat. 7a-5p
Sun. 8a-1p