Volunteer for MoRA and Make an Impact in Your Community


Are you looking for a fun volunteer gig? MoRA is an all volunteer group with big plans for the Monroe Road corridor that are only limited by our manpower. We have already seen a dramatic change in our area and know that we can bring more improvements to the community with more dedicated volunteers. Our only requirement is enthusiasm to improve your neighborhood!

What would a volunteer do? There are countless ways to improve our area, from organizing events, writing about our local news, reaching out to neighbors and local businesses, looking for grants, working on social media, organizing with developers, and following area rezoning. If you are good with a video camera, we could use more video of our area. Do you want the Silver Line here ASAP? You can be a key contact with CATS and the city. Do you have more money than time? We will take your donations.

Our exciting Art@thePoint campaign is looking for key coordinators for a limited (3-month) time commitment — someone to be a liaison with artist Leslie Scott to coordinate the community workshops; someone with marketing experience to help coordinate our messaging and communication; and someone to oversee our community outreach campaign — all come with a great recommendation and could look good on a resume.

MoRA has countless ways you can contribute to make our part of town a better and closer community. Email us at info@moraclt.org with your name, phone number, and what you’d like to do or contribute. We will do our best to get you the perfect volunteer opportunity.

MoRA needs YOUR help! VOLUNTEER with us on important community projects. Can’t volunteer? DONATE to help make our public art dream a reality. Even a $20 tax-deductible donation will help give the neighborhood a beautiful, defining sculpture that residents can be proud of.