What to buy at Aldi


Mary Hopper spent years helping MoRA turn from an idea into the impactful non-profit it is today, and we talked about her invaluable contributions to our volunteers. She took a step back from our organization nearly two years ago but returns with this guest article after discovering MoRA Point’s Aldi.

Here are 10 awesome items I’m buying now from Aldi. And I did not mention the Belgian chocolates!

  1. Eggs can run as low as 79 cents a dozen some weeks so I double up.
  1. Appleton gourmet thick sliced peppercorn bacon is only available from time to time but is a real treat. If it’s too spicy for you, try the maple-coated bacon in the same case along the far wall. MoRA Point had them both in stock recently.
  1. Canned tomatoes. Their Happy Harvest brand includes diced, crushed and even a nice fire-roasted variety. An excellent buy. In the Mexican section, there is a spicy can with jalapeños that is good to keep on hand.
  1. Broth. Good prices and low sodium options as well as bone broth from time to time. Chicken, Beef and Vegetable, plus Turkey around the holidays are all on the shelves. Look for Fit&Active versions if you want to watch sodium.
  1. For those days you crave risotto but not the long prep time even with your Instant Pot, their Priano house brand is good. They also have a number of quinoa options.
  1. Turkey. When you’ve reached your limit on chicken, here are two turkey options to buy. The first is in the freezer section, but you will have to look around for it.  It is called Bacon Wrapped Turkey Filets but they look like pale filet mignons. They are great on the grill and are individually wrapped so they can hide in your freezer for these emergency meals. Often in the fresh meat section you will find some marinated turkey tenderloins – also highly recommended.
  1. Oil. My new favorite is their Simply Nature Cold Avocado Oil although I have been known to buy my extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and plain canola oil from them. Recently I spotted ghee and grape seed oils. And their butter is competitively priced.
  1. Nuts. Pepper flavored cashews are my new favorites but there are lots of good options. As in other chains, some are scattered around the store. For example, the slivered almonds that I add to the steel-cut oats I buy from Aldi are found with the baking supplies. By the way, Aldi has a good selection of dried fruits.
  1. Cheeses. Goat cheese, crumbled blue, feta and gorgonzola cheeses that are all great in salads rotate in and out. The Specially-Selected NY Aged White Cheddar is a food writer favorite. Their prices on queso fresco beat those of Hispanic stores. Also, seasonal varieties like the heart-shaped Valentine cheeses and the Irish cheese for St Patrick’s Day appear near those dates.
  2. Bacher German Style Lager. Aldi has Gaelic Ale starting at $8.99. This is the recommendation of a friend who likes it better than pricier beers.